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Coast Guard Combat Veterans 

                 Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association

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USCGC Sherman WHEC 720 Squadron 3 1970 Sign In or Register to add photos

SHERMAN deployed to Vietnam In 1970, SHERMAN was assigned to Coast Guard Squadron Three in Vietnam. Her tasking during the conflict was primarily in support of Operation Market Time, that involved determining which of the hundreds of small vessels off the Vietnamese coast were involved in weapons smuggling. SHERMAN turned in an outstanding performance. The 378inspected nearly 900 vessels during her ten month tour in Southeast Asia and was actually underway on patrol 86% of her time there. During the same period, SHERMAN conducted 10 MEDCAPS (Medical Civic Action Projects), treating about 1,400sick civilians. The old 5?gun, (now replaced by a sleeker, quicker 76mm mount) answered 152 calls for naval gunfire support, including a running gunfight on the night of November 21st, 1970 that resulted in the sinking of the North Vietnamese ?SL-3?, an armed freighter carrying tons of enemy munitions. (I plan to write the captions soon! - R Ames)
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